Hello! My name is Pepijn Looije which I’ve come to realize looks like a string of random characters to anyone who’s not Dutch. Should you ever run into me in real life then save yourself the trouble and call me Pep(e). Unless you’re willing to learn of course—I’ll gladly teach the correct pronunciation.

I was born in ‘92 on land that didn’t exist before 1967, grew up in Utrecht and moved to Amsterdam where I completed the first half of Medicine (so I’m not a doctor) at the AMC of the Universiteit van Amsterdam. I did my bachelor’s thesis in the techiest corner of the hospital. As of writing, I didn’t return to university yet to finish the second and final part of Medicine, the clinical rotations.

Instead, I nerd-pilgrimaged to Nubank in São Paulo, Brazil to learn about append-only databases and dynamic functional programming applied at scale. In production. At an actual bank! What was initially a 6 month internship escalated into indefinite employment in data infra/warehousing related squads. I came to love what we’re doing as a company, the country, people, and quilo lunches amongst other things.

I started this website because I wanted to share random side projects that I work on. I like to apply programming to problems/challenges that I face in the real world. Generally that means me sitting in front of a computer and trying stuff for a weekend and consequently forgetting about it on Monday. That being said, ocassionally it does result in something useful. Whatever the outcome, I always enjoy building stuff and learning about techniques and technologies!