This is a selection of projects that I worked on or founded myself during recent years.

Employee/freelancer (via Plict)

2016 - present: Data Access Squad at Nubank (São Paulo, BR)

The Data Access squad split-off from the Data Infra squad at Nubank. Before, in Data Infra, I mostly worked on building our ETL pipelines and finding ways to make them more robust. As our ETL platform stabilized, I shifted towards data modeling. Now, in Data Access, we focus on the interaction between data consumers in Nubank (e.g. decision makers, analysts, data scientists) and the data of Nubank. Examples: owning the business intelligence tool, having authority over the ‘data dictionary’ (i.e. the data warehouse), and teaching the company.


2014 - 2015: Data warehouse developer at Blendle (Utrecht, NL)

In March 2014 I started working full-time at the promising Dutch start-up Blendle. I took a break from studying to gain experience with working in a small team and a high-pressure environment. This was especially true because I joined a month before the official launch in the Netherlands. Designing and building our data warehouse is now my primary task, although I started as a ‘workflow developer’ (PDF/XML conversion). After my first year I returned to university in April 2015. From that point on I worked part-time until August 2015.

Blendle Team

2013 - 2016: ERT at AMC Intensive Care (Amsterdam, NL)

ERT is an acronym for Education Registration Tool. Intensive care nurses of the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam register to the courses they are interested in. Managers verify that the course has been taken by the nurse. The tool replaced an offline whiteboard-based system that lacked a proper backup strategy.


2013: Full-stack dev at Medisas (Mountain View, CA)

I approached Gautam Sivakumar from Medisas after reading his inspiring blog post. About a year later Medisas got into Y Combinator and Gautam invited me to visit Silicon Valley. I made two weekly visits and worked on the prototype for the product, a fantastic and very educational experience. When university and Medisas became more demanding, I had to make a decision. In the end, I stopped working for Medisas and focused on university.

Medisas website screenshot

2009 - 2010: Trainee 0x04 at Phusion (Mostly Utrecht, NL)

During my second to last year of high school, the Phusion guys approached me after I tweeted about their product Passenger. I was hired and appropriately named Trainee 0x04, being the 4th employee in a tech-heavy company. Besides learning a lot about building bigger, more serious, software projects and working in a team, they taught me how to eat with chopsticks (shoutout Kyushu).

Phusion team

2013 - present: Technical co-founder at StudentResearch

At the start of the 3rd year of medicine, fellow medicine student Hassina Bahadurzada asked me for help with materializing her idea: how can we connect researchers that need help with students who want to gain experience in doing research? Together, we turned this excellent idea into reality and called it StudentResearch. The community of researchers and students is still growing rapidly, and so is the amount of communication between them. A year ago, we received an UvA Grassroots grant, for which the following video was made:

Hassina StudentResearch video

2011: Cellular respiration simulation

During the metabolism course in the first year of medicine, I had the idea to interactively explain the phosphorylation of 38 ADP into ATP in the glycolysis, citric acid cycle and oxydative phosphorylation. It takes a little bit of time to finish the whole dissimilation of one glucose molecule. That is why I recorded and fast forwarded a ‘run’:


2015 - present: Kriterion

Plict built the new website of the awesome local cinema Kriterion. Kriterion and Plict are still working together on improving the website every now and then.


2014: TicketSwap Bot

Festivals in The Netherlands are soaring in popularity, so it can be hard to obtain a ticket. This Bash script continuously checks the TicketSwap website for second-hand tickets. It was initially used for the 2014 Dekmantel Festival, but later proved valuable in securing access to the final Trouw parties. Especially the NYE party, which led to an article in the local Amsterdam newspaper Parool.

Parool Ticketswap article

Although TicketSwap has improved their security so the script doesn’t work anymore, you can still check it out on GitHub.

2013: Empty car2go spotter

Connecting an empty car2go (<30% battery at the time) to a charging pole tops up your account with 20 (at the time) free driving minutes. It was, however, hard to get a good overview of all the empty cars. That is why I built this website. The conditions have been sobered, so I do not use it anymore. It still works though!

car2go Amsterdam

2012 - 2013: Full-stack dev at StudySquare (Amsterdam, NL)

Marlon, the founder of StudySquare, approached me because StudySquare, a company that provides extra lessons for students, needed a technological revamp. We completely rebuilt the website and backend system, which is still used by and for a lot of students as of today. Although the day-to-day development is now in the hands of my friends at AJ ICT, me and Marlon still do various projects together from time to time.

StudySquare website screenshot

2008 - present: Invoicing system for Henry de Rijk Elektrotechniek

To get paid legally for this project was the reason I officially started my own company. Henry is an electrician and likes to specify all of the materials he used for a job on his invoices. Because the prices of the thousands of possible products vary over time, we thought out a way to save Henry time while creating the invoices. The system automatically updates the prices from the wholesaler’s system, and is equipped with a fuzzy search mechanism that dramatically speeds up the price finding.

Henry de Rijk system screenshot